“This water is AWESOME. You never know how much bad flavor your current water has until you have this fresh, pure water from PureVida. Not only is the water good, but their customer service is excellent and easy to deal with. 5 Stars and will continue to be a customer!”

Express Employment Professionals (previous single filter system user) (ETX)

“We are loving the PureVida Water System! Water tastes great and we love not having to deal with those heavy water bottles!”

Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital (previous 5-gallon jug water cooler user) (ETX)

“We are thrilled with our water system! It’s next level, as far as taste and convenience. The adults and the kids all prefer it over anything else that we had done before. We pride ourselves on being eco-friendly and this system has made that so much easier!”

Behavioral Innovations (previous individual bottled water user) (ETX)

“Everyone is loving the PureVida Water System and actually drinking more water now than when we had the heavy water bottle system. Tastes great, no bottles, and super convenient. Very happy with the change to PureVida.”

Newpark Drilling Fluids (previous 5-gallon jug water cooler user) (ETX)

“We love our Pure Vida water system! It is so wonderful not to have to deal with the bottles…not having to change them out, the space it saves, no clutter and knowing we’ll never run out of water. The whole process was so easy. I would recommend it to every business. The water tastes great too!!”

Workhub (previous 5-gallon jug water cooler user) (ETX)

“We are enjoying our PureVida Water system…on top of the quality water, the best thing for us is not having to deal with the pesky bottles.”

Trinity Capital Management (previous 5-gallon jug water cooler user) (ETX)

“We are completely delighted! Everyone agrees that this water tastes better/cleaner/fresher than the bottled water we were using. The convenience of not having to wait on water to be delivered, or going without when the delivery is not on schedule is great….but not having to change out those heavy bottles is the BEST! We love PureVida!!”

WRL General Contractors (previous 5-gallon jug water cooler user) (ETX)

“We absolutely love the PureVida Water System. The water is always fresh, crisp, and cold. Having hot water readily available is also a great feature. The system is cost effective and no more lifting five gallon bottles!”

Cherokee County (previous 5-gallon jug water cooler user) (ETX)

“This water is really and truly ‘smart water’ because it is clean, pure, taste fantastic and goes the extra mile of preserving our landfills. Given the fact Save Our Seas Act was just signed into law by the Oval Office, I feel like our company has made a wonderful move forward in agreement with keeping a clean environment while drinking great water!”

Garrett & Associates General Contractors (previous 5-gallon water cooler and individual water bottle user) (ETX)

“We love the water and not having to change the bottle every day.  PureVida was very flexible during our testing period and their customer service has been exceptional overall.”

ELS Surveying (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (ETX)

“We actually had a ‘blind taste test’ with our PureVida vs our old bottle system. Every one of the employees could taste the difference and preferred PureVida taste.”

Tri-State Physical Therapy (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (SHBC)

“It tastes fantastic. We all love the water. It seems like everyone is drinking more water than before. The best thing about PureVida is that I don’t have to worry about when the jug will be empty anymore!”

Yamato Transport (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (NASH)

“We are still loving the system!! Everyone loves the taste of the water and convenience. This was the best switch we ever could have made with our water needs at the office and shops!”

Weir Oil & Gas (Previous individual water bottle user) (ETX)

“The water is great. I have never been a bottled is better than tap kind of person but this is for sure better than tap, and the hot water feature is fantastic.”

Staples (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (OKC)

“PureVida is a very easy and convenient system to use that produces a wonderful product. It is truly hard to know the difference in the quality of water until you do the free trial. As soon as we tasted the difference we knew there was no going back to bottle systems. The entire team at PureVida made the transition and installation a breeze.”

Drum Workshop (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (NASH)

“We LOVE our water system, and everyone here is commenting on it! Our team feels more hydrated and we have people asking us where we got it!”

Crossroads Chiropractic (Previous Individual Water Bottle User) (NASH)

“I’m pretty busy, this process was a breeze. It’s a rare situation where you can cut costs while moving to a 5x better solution. This water is just different, it was the most affordable, simple, impactful thing I could do for my employees. Every business should use PureVida.”

ETCS (Previous Individual Water Bottle User) (ETX)

“Absolutely LOVE our machines. Can’t wait until we can upgrade to the ones with ice in them. The crews love having the devices and have nothing but rave reviews for them.”

Samaritan EMS (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (OKC)

“I love the fact that I don’t have to replace the heavy water jugs or wait for water. And more importantly, it’s about ¼ of the cost.”

Green Shoes Foundation (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (OKC)

“We really enjoy the system. Employees were skeptical at first, but I think everyone has turned around. I have to say, the water tastes great and couldn’t be happier.”

Flint Group Packaging (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (CHI)

“The PureVida Water system has been great. It’s a relief not to be concerned about our one-use plastic water bottle consumption. The water is convenient and tastes pure. The customer service has been outstanding.”

Texas Residence (Previous Individual Water Bottle User) (ETX)

“The PureVida water system has been enthusiastically endorsed by all of our employees. They appreciate the efficiency created by instant access to both hot and cold purified water.”

Lonestar Truck Group (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (ETX)

“The machine has added a very nice look to our office, and we love not dealing with the bottles. But the ability to have an in house filtered system is really the best value. We have also gone from a bottled water supply of 2.8ph, to this system providing our water at 6.2ph. Awesome!”

Sundowner Trailers (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (ETX)

“I receive compliments weekly from my team members on our water and ice now. We had a water tower filtration system previously that used UV light to filter. PureVida’s filtration process is drastically superior and you can tell in the difference of water taste.  We use the PureVida water towers and the water/ice tower combos and we just love them. The customer service has been wonderful as well, a great experience so far. The only problem is now a significant number of employees are working from home and they request PureVida water delivery now!”

Zander Insurance (previous single filter system user) (NASH)

“Switching to Purevida water was the best thing we could have done as a company! No more heavy 5 galllon jugs of water to move around, no guessing how many jugs we need each week and best of all no more running out of water right in the middle of the week. Mark was helpful and made the transition very smooth. The installation team was on time and in/out very quickly with no mess left behind! The machine looks great works well and the water is high quality and great tasting! Purevida is also much more budget friendly than the bottled options. All and all it was a good decision to switch and we would definitely recommend Purevida to everyone!”

Ed Hoy’s International (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (CHI)

“We have loved PureVida since the first day. Great quality water and great customer service. So glad we made the switch!”

Pink Lily Boutique Warehouse (Previous 5-gallon water cooler user) (NASH)

The entire staff at PureVida Water far exceeded our expectations!! Great product, great value, Eco-friendly, and the kind of “Business Partner” we want on our Team at Swauger Pediatric Dentistry! Thanks to the entire crew at PureVida Water.

Swauger Pediatric Dentistry (Previous Alternative Bottle-less System) (NASH)

“After seeing how amazing PureVida Water was for our staff at UBank, I had to have one at my house! No more lugging water bottles from the grocery store, no more funny tasting water, no more plastic bottles all over the place or half opened water bottles in the refrigerator! The staff, service, installation, and usage has been well worth the expense of the solution!”

East Texas Residence (ETX)

“Our employees are overjoyed that we installed the PureVida system. The water tastes great, comes out cold and never runs out. Employees say that it is so much better than the bottled water we used to get. We love PureVida!”

Motor Homes of Texas (Previous 5-Gallon Jug Water Cooler User) (ETX)

“It has been a lot more convenient and provided us with piece of mind knowing that there is cold fresh water at my shop all the time instead of having to go to the store every time we need water.”

OK Wheel and Brake (Previous 5-Gallon Jug Water Cooler User) (OKC)

“All of my clients love it and I am using it right now to make some oatmeal!”

Naturally Unique Salon (OKC)

“We have loved our experience start to finish with PureVida! The install was quick and easy, and their staff is friendly and professional. We were using water jugs, which were a pain to handle and switch out. Our staff has noticed the water tastes so much better, and our ice is much cleaner too! Would definitely recommend PureVida to anyone looking for a simple, and high-quality water solution!”

Legility (Previous 5-Gallon Jug Water Cooler User) (NASH)

“The flavor is so much better, it does not taste dirty anymore.”

Builder’s First Source (OKC)

All our employees have raved about the PureVida Bottle-less Systems recently installed in our facility. The taste is a drastic improvement over tap water and having cold, clean drinking water during the hot summer months has improved morale within our staff. We would highly recommend PureVida and will return to them for future needs.

American Wonder Porcelain (Previous 5-Gallon Jug Water Cooler User) (NASH)

“The one thing that everybody says to me is that this water tastes so much better then before. People are addicted to it! My gym members fill up their water bottles before they leave so they can continue drinking the PureVida water at home.”

The Barn (Previous Individual Bottle Water User) (OKC)

“PureVida is great quality water! The convenience of not having to order and keep track of how much water needs to be order is reason enough to switch and the Customer Service is phenomenal.”

Dedicated Logistic Solutions (Previous 5-Gallon Jug Water Cooler User) (OKC)

“So far the water system has been great. Very good tasting water and at a fair price!”

Gator Waders (ETX)

“We’ve been incredibly pleased with both systems we use from PureVida. The water quality and taste is amazing, and it is so much easier than dealing with water bottles every week. The Air Scrubber system is also great at reducing odor within our building!”

Soundstripe (NASH)

“We have had the ice/water combo machine installed in our office for several months. We absolutely love it! We have had no issues with it at all. We have about 40 staff members and it produces enough ice for all of us all day long. It has been so nice to have because we are fortunate to have lunch provided for our office most days. However, either ice was not brought, or it was brought but it was not enough. We have stopped making our daily runs to Sonic for ice!”

Family First Clinic of Jacksonville (ETX)

“It was a big life saver when the city came by to inspect my gym. They saw your system as a new and improved, sanitary water dispenser getting us more positive points with the city in regard to our health and sensitization grade!”

Southwest Barbell and Fitness (OKC)

“The PureVida water system has been a great addition to our office. We never have to change the bottles and the water is always great. Glad we made the decision to go with PureVida!”

Advantage Roofing (ETX) (Previous 5 gallon jug user)

“We love Pure-vida! The water taste great. The ice option is wonderful, as well. It has been a great investment for our company.”

Kelly Tractor (ETX) (Previous Water Bottle User)

“Just wanted to say our PureVida water system is amazing! Definitely would recommend to any other businesses in the area. Since using the water system we cut down on water bottles usage tremendously! It’s very convenient to have and also good tasting water.”

Merx Global (CHI) (Previous Individual Bottle User)

“5 Stars! Michael and Robert were amazing in their services. Michael was straight forward and was quick to answer all of our questions. Robert is so handy, he can get a line connected from anywhere! We are so happy with the price, service, and quality we received with PureVida. This is exactly what our gym was looking for.”

Lion Fitness Solutions (OKC)

“Our office drinks so much water now with PureVida. We’re happy with the services and look forward to a long relationship”

Valley Medical Clinics (CHI) (Previous Jug User)