How long will this take? I am very busy and don’t have the time to deal with this.2022-05-24T18:13:03+00:00

The installation process has taken as little as 30 minutes and all we ask is that you give us access to where you want the system to go. You and your employees can get a great solution with minimal effort added to your already full plate.

What does installation look like?2022-05-24T18:27:46+00:00

The installation process is very similar to having data cables run in that there are no exposed lines and faceplates on any wall incisions. And you do not need a water source close to where you would like your cooler. Our H2O Engineers strive to make it look like there is nothing attached to your system at all! We have installed thousands of systems in all different types environments!

How much does it cost? We don’t have money in our budget for large up front costs or expensive solutions.2022-05-24T18:25:44+00:00

As little as one dollar per day based on the solution your organization will need, we scale all the way from 2 person households to major corporations. We’ve seen up to an immediate 50% cost savings and with our Full Service Rental Agreements, there are no big lump sum payments up front. Just the one-time $99 installation fee to go towards covering some of the costs of installing, then easy to budget for, consistent, low monthly payments.

Do I have to maintain it or change the filters?2022-05-24T18:14:12+00:00

Our full-service rental agreements take care of everything. All parts, service, filters and proactive filter changes are included. All you need to do is enjoy the water!

Will it actually be pure? Our water here is really bad.2022-05-24T18:26:33+00:00

Reverse osmosis with quadruple filtration and activated oxygen injection will leave you with the highest quality, best tasting drinking water. We also have the option to add back in minerals and boost the PH of the water! 85% of our customers report they started drinking more water with our solution in place!

What if my cooler stops dispensing water or ice?2022-05-24T18:14:35+00:00

It is a process to create the extremely high quality water and ice so it is possible to drain your cooler with high consumption all at once. You can contact us at anytime for service, but it’s possible with 30 minutes to an hour of non or light use, your cooler will fill back up.

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