Clean Water for Dental, Medical, & Industrial Needs

Premium Distilled / Deionized Water

Whether you work in a dental or medical office or have industrial mechanical needs, distilled water is crucial to your business success. Minerals in hard and tap can erode equipment and leave your office or company with questionable sanitary and operational conditions. But with PureVida’s distilled water solutions, you don’t have to worry about a thing! That’s because our water distillation technology removes all those unwanted minerals and contaminants, leaving your company with access to pure, distilled/deionized water right at your fingertips.

Reverse Osmosis System

Why Choose the Premium Distilled/Deionized Water ?

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What Distilled/Deionized water means for your dental or medical practice?

Having access to clean, reliable distilled water means an improvement in office conditions and working capabilities. Bacteria-free water means you can keep your dental and medical equipment and office clean as possible, giving your staff and your patients peace of mind.

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What Distilled/Deionized  water means for your industrial business?

Battery maintenance for your forklifts is crucial. Without pure, distilled water, you run the risk of introducing unwanted minerals, sediments, and other contaminants to the cells of your battery. Eventually, this leads to corrosion and downtime – Something you don’t have time for! So, prevent any of that with a single-point distilled water source wherever you do your forklift maintenance.

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